Monday, November 30, 2015

Cruiser Motorcycles

Cruiser MotorcyclesCruisers are hot this year. There will be new offerings from most of the major manufactures. Below find a listing of the latest Cruisers from all of the top manufactures.

To the rider Cruisers offer power as well as great performance. Harley Davidson build their company on building great Cruisers. Now there are a number of great choices in this segment. Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha (Star) and Victory all offer Cruisers that rival any Harley.

If you looking for a motorcycle that will offer torque and acceleration for riding around town the Cruiser is for you.

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Cruiser Motorcycles

Deal Divas take in Sex and the City 2

Anyway, Deal Diva Colleen and I took in a screening of Sex and the City 2 Thursday at Westshore Plaza. red bottom boots Before the movie, we enjoyed the swank party at Saks Fifth Avenue. Deal Diva Dalia was in the house, too, but left early to go volunteer with the Girl Scouts. Colleen and I, less altruistic, chose martinis. So did a lot of red bottom pumps other people. Exhibit A, the Saks bathroom:

Saks was crawling with gorgeous women in the most amazing shoes and clothes. We’re talking six inch glitter Christian Louboutin stilettos, Chanel bags, a variety of shiny formal shorts that exposed effortlessly tanned legs. We even saw one former elected official in a Kentucky Derby style hat. Very Carrie. Changs.

After browsing the store (there’s a whole section dedicated to FUR and ONLY FUR), we found ourselves most at home near replica louboutin the macaroni and cheese cart and the clearance shoe red bottoms rack.

We headed to the theater in a high heel parade. The people eating fries in the food court must have thought they took a wrong turn into Crazytown. When we got there, all I could think about was Diet Coke and popcorn. Colleen assured me it was OK, that this was a movie after all. I ponied up my life savings for the snacks, and ended up bonding with a chic woman in a black mini dress as we dumped disgusting yellow grease onto our popcorn. Sisterhood always emerges in junk food.

The movie? It was. it was. Oh, I can’t lie. It was terrible. I can’t describe how terrible it was. Maybe louboutin replica you disagree, but I just feel like these beloved characters have become sad parodies of themselves. I also feel like the creators probably said something like, “We want CAMELS and we want jokes about their TOES, if you know what we replica christian louboutin MEAN, and we want TURBANS and we want AIDAN, and we don’t care WHAT IT TAKES.”

But from the looks on faces in the theater, no one cared about that. They were having fun with girlfriends, smiles from here to Abu Dhabi. And we had fun, too. That always gets two thumbs up.

Stephanie Hayes , christian louboutin replica addicted to heels for 15 years, has been experimenting with ballet flats, boots and cute sneakers lately. Her poor, tired feet thank her. She can never get enough animal print, and her eye shadow collection has become a bit of a hoard. While red bottom shoes other kids were reciting multiplication tables, she was learning to calculate an extra third off the half price discount during buy one get one week. She knows a healthy swipe of red lipstick can make any outfit better.

A compulsive deal scourer, Michelle Stark is trying to evolve her style philosophy from grab it because it’s cheap and worry if it fits later to one that embraces quality staples and more color. When it comes to her closet, it’s generally still quantity over quality, but she recently splurged on a treasured pair of Lucky jeans. Progress! Her style leans toward classically cutesy think Loft, The Limited and Banana Republic, blouses with bows, blazers with polka dots and all the skinny jeans in sight. But she never turns down a trip to a thrift store, or JC Penney. Her greatest sartorial sale achievement was finding her senior prom dress on clearance for $20.

Following her little rockabilly heart, Lydia Harvey strives for an alternative/mid century/elementary school mom aesthetic a tip of the fascinator to personal heroes Joan Jett, Claire Dunphy and the iconic Elizabeth Taylor. Heels are her signature, fit and flare her weakness. She owns 12 too many coats for red bottom heels a native Floridian and has gleefully conceded that gold is bananas. Second only to scrolling through daily boutique arrivals, her dearest pastime is compulsively styling for sporting events and travel, all on a budding family dime.

Katherine Snow Smith closet is filled with colorful patterns from a Lilly halter with pink and yellow giraffes to a maxi dress with oversized flowers and peace signs. She likes many styles bohemian, preppy, vintage, classic as long they unique and on sale. Maxx and consignment stores. Her best purchase? A one sleeve kaleidoscope print Valentino blouse from the Sloan Kettering hospital resale shop in New York. (Legend has it Jackie O. used to drop her discards there.) When Katherine was 14 she bought a $29 oversized, velvet covered anthology of Oscar fashion.

Lisa Gartner grew up wearing her older brother’s clothes (hey Dan!) and kind of never stopped: She still has a few of his button downs hanging in her closet; luckily his No Fear shirts have been lost to time and sense. A reformed tomboy, Lisa likes to mix masculine and feminine pieces. Her work look is, more often than not, Oxfords with pencil skirts. She owns more baggy sweaters than there are days below 70 degrees in Florida. The bags under her eyes are knock offs.Articles Connexes´╝Ü