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60, 70 percent of the time, I didn’t know cheap nfl jerseys where the hell cheap jerseys the ball was at!” Fant said after the game. “It took us the whole first half, nearly, to try to figure out what the hell was going on.” At tiny Piedmont High, almost anyone can be a varsity athlete. So to compete with larger schools, Bryan and another coach came up with the A 11 and found the jersey number loophole in the rule book that made it legal. Still, Bryan had his doubts before the first game using the formation last year. “We told ourselves and our staff and our kids two things: Either we are gonna be an absolute joke and we’re gonna cheap jerseys get fired, or we’re gonna do well and we’re gonna help change football history in a good way,” Bryan said. He certainly didn’t get fired. Piedmont won its final seven regular season games last year, to make the playoffs after starting 0 2. Now, hundreds of schools around the country are using the A 11 as well. The coaches have a Web site, sell playbooks and DVDs online, and even run special

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