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INDIAN MOTORCYCLE Announces Model Year 2016 Lineup

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — July 28, 2015 — Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, today announced its lineup of Model Year 2016 bikes. Fresh off of record Q2 sales results and overwhelming demand for both the Indian Scout and the recently introduced 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse, Indian Motorcycle will rumble into the 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally with unstoppable momentum and the industry’s most in-demand lineup. With a growing consumer excitement and increasing dealers on a global level, Indian Motorcycle continues to gain market share and attention. 2016 Indian Scout ABS and Indian Scout

2016 Indian Scout ABS

2016 Indian Scout shown with new accessories, including a cantilevered solo seat, mini-ape hangers, and wire wheels.

With an unmatched heritage dating back more than 80 years and unprecedented demand for its predecessor, Indian Motorcycle is proud to introduce 2016 Indian Scout ABS. This middle-weight cruiser weighs in at 558 pounds (dry) and extends its decades-long legacy of superb balance, precise handling and potent performance that dominated the Wall of Death and conquered the Bonneville Salt Flats. With its compact design and low 25.3-inch seat height, the Indian Scout is the perfect multipurpose bike for virtually any rider. Featuring a liquid-cooled 69 cubic inch V-twin engine, 100 HP of performance and starting at $10,999 for Gloss Black, and $11,299 for Thunder Black Smoke, Silver Smoke and the striking new Wildfire Red. The new Indian Scout is the proud future of one of motorcycling’s most storied bikes, and is now available with anti-lock brakes (ABS) including the Indian Motorcycle Red paint (itself a $300 premium) for $11,999. All 2016 Indian Scout models come with a genuine leather solo seat, and feature a cast aluminum chassis for superior handling and overall balance. 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse
2016 Indian Dark Horse

2016 Indian Dark Horse

The 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse is the most striking cruiser on the road. Featuring a matte black finish from end-to-end and only a flash of chrome, this bike makes a statement even before you fire it up. Featuring a low seat height and the lowest price for any Thunder Stroke 111 powered Indian, the Dark Horse starts at just $16,999. The 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse delivers the styling, reliability and power expected from an Indian Motorcycle, but with a heathy dose of attitude. Propelled by 119 ft/lbs of torque and the same chassis and suspension of the award-winning Indian Chief Classic, the Dark Horse rolls with standard ABS, a remote key fob for keyless ignition, electronic cruise control, and features a two-year unlimited mileage factory warranty. 2016 Indian Chief Classic, Indian Chief Vintage and Indian Chieftain
2016 Indian Chief Classic

2016 Indian Chief Classic

For 2016, Indian Motorcycle returns with its award-winning lineup of Indian Chief models delivering the power, handling, unmatched engineering and stunning beauty of the industry’s hottest heavyweight cruisers. Powered by the proven Thunder Stroke 111 engine and covered in premium chrome, the Indian Chief family delivers the impeccable styling and sophisticated performance of the Chief Classic; the classic looks, beautiful fringed leather saddle bags and paint schemes of the Chief Vintage, and the cruising comfort and exceptional handling of the Indian Chieftain hard bagger. Continuing its tradition of stunning colors and head-turning two-tone paint palettes, the 2016 Indian Chief lineup, starting at $17,699, offers gorgeous new color options that include: – Indian Chief Classic: Pearl White – Indian Chief Vintage: Star Silver & Thunder Black – Indian Chieftain: Silver Smoke, Indian Motorcycle Red & Ivory Cream, Star Silver & Thunder Black
2016 Indian Chieftain

2016 Indian Chieftain

2016 Indian Roadmaster
2016 Indian Roadmaster

2016 Indian Roadmaster

The industry’s most luxurious and anticipated touring motorcycle, Indian Motorcycle is proud to offer the Indian Roadmaster as the epitome of comfort in long distance cruising. With the peace-of-mind and reliability of the Thunder Stroke 111 engine and nearly 38 gallons of premium storage, the industry’s leading touring bike delivers luxury features like a power-adjustable windscreen, heated grips, dual heated seats, ABS, tire pressure monitoring system, keyless ignition with remote locking storage, electronic cruise control, advanced infotainment system and Bluetooth capability for the ultimate in connectivity. Starting MSPR $27,999 New for 2016 the Indian Roadmaster is available with new color options that include Blue Diamond plus two-tone Storm Gray & Thunder Black and Springfield Blue and Cream.
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