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Victory Motorcycles

Victory MotorcyclesVictory Motorcycles has learned from the automotive industry that the success of the company rides on the development of beautifully designed and high quality products. With this formula we know that Victory Motorcycles will be an industry leader long into the future.

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Although Polaris has been around for over 60 years, Victory Motorcycle is a relatively young as a major manufacture.

The Motorcycle division of Polaris, the Victory Motorcycle Company, was launched in 1997 when Al Unser, Jr. rode the first V92C into the Planet Hollywood restaurant at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. Victory Motorcycles must have gotten the design of their first bike right, because the V92C won the “best Cruiser of 1998” award.

Victory next brought out the V92SC and then the Touring Cruiser. Later models included the Vegas and the Kingpin. For 2005, Victory introduced four new models: Vegas 8-Ball, Hammer, Ness Signature Vegas, and Ness Signature Kingpin.

Victory started out selling a little more than 1000 Motorcycles in 1998. That represented about one percent of all Polaris sales for that year. By 2003, Victory had four percent of all Polaris sales and continued to grow.

In 2002, Victory introduced its Custom Order Program that allowed its customers to go online and define custom features for their new Victory Motorcycle and then have the factory build the custom version just for them. This was an industry first.

For 2005, Victory motorcycles had seven models. Their new Hammer model has a Freedom 100/6 V-Twin which means 100 cc and 6 speeds, including overdrive. It also has a super fat rear tire measuring 250 mm, the largest tire ever attached to a production bike. Their new 8-Ball model is a Vegas in basic black.

In 2006 the Victory Motorcycles lineup continued to breaks all of the traditions of the typical cruiser. Styled to look radioactive, not retroactive. Engineered to be revolutionary, not evolutionary.

In 2007 Victory Motorcycles shocked the industry, with the launch of the Victory Vision. The Vision is Victory Motorcycles shining example of the industry’s most advance and uniquely designed long distance touring bike on the market.

It seems that Victory Motorcycles has learned from the automotive industry that the success of the company rides on the development of beautifully designed and high quality products. With this formula we know that Victory Motorcycles will be an industry leader long into the future.

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