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Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph MotorcyclesTriumph Motorcycles is the British motorcycle marque that produces a wide range of sport, cruiser and touring motorcycles that are all designed to provide outstanding motorcycling experiences. From the storied Bonneville to the class-leading Speed Triple, Triumph offers a blend of design, character and performance that result in truly distinctive motorcycles. First established in 1902 and now located in Hinckley, Leicestershire, England, Triumph has always set the pace for category winning machines. The company is solely owned by Bloor Holdings Ltd. and its North American operations are based in Atlanta.

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2011 Motorcycle Model Year 2010 Motorcycle Model Year 2009 Motorcycle Model Year 2008 Motorcycle Model Year 2007 Motorcycle Model Year 2006 Motorcycle Model Year 2005 Motorcycle Model Year 2004 Motorcycle Model Year {tab=History} The origin of Triumph motorcycles dates back to the late 19th century when founding entrepreneur, Siegfried Bettmann, settled in Coventry, England and capitalized on the English bicycle market. Bicycles soon became motorcycles and the evolution of one of the most famous names in motorcycling began. At the heart of Triumph’s philosophy is a firm commitment to developing truly unique motorcycles that are distinctive in looks, design and performance. Triumph’s aim is to craft motorcycles that deliver a great riding experience through the fusion of a well-balanced, easy to handle chassis and strong, flexible engines. The result is an inspiring range of motorcycles delivering intelligent, usable performance. {tab=2010 Model Year}

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