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MV Agusta Motorcycles

MV Agusta MotorcyclesMV Agusta is a motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1945 near Milan in Cascina Costa, Italy. The company manufactured small-displacement, Café racer style motorcycles (mostly 125 to 150 cc) through the 1950s and 1960s. In the 1960s small motorcycle sales declined, and MV started producing larger displacement cycles in more limited quantities. A 250 cc, and later a 350 cc twin were produced, and a 600 cc four-cylinder evolved into a 750 cc which is still extremely valuable today. {tab=History} MV AGUSTA was born during the postwar reconstruction period. Founded in the 1945, it actually initially produced and commercialized the first fifty units in 1946 riding the wave of an era that will mark the conquest of individual mobility. To give an image and value to its production, MV AGUSTA launched its challenge in competition terrain, adopting a philosophy which soon became also a commercial slogan: “Racing experience at the service of mass production.” Three years after the birth of the World Championship, S. Sandford conquered (1952) the Title in the 125 category and, in parallel, marked the beginning of an era characterized by the crushing domination of MV AGUSTA motorcycles. For over 20 years, the red and silver fairings identified motorcycles capable of making a legend of all those who were privileged enough to grasp its handlebars. Amongst these apart from Giacomo Agostini, whom alone conquered 14 of the 37 World Titles, the passionate fans were enthusiastic about the exploits by Surtess, Hocking, Hailwood, Read, Ubbiali and Provini, all riders that contributed with their results to the record of 270 Gran Prix wins by MV AGUSTA. During this unforgettable competitive period, the most indelible wins were those conquered in the top class, the 500. Dressed in red and silver, these invincible “record machines” took the hearts of all fans sensitive to the esoteric charm of the inline four cylinder. An engine endowed with an extraordinary force largely underlined by the four megaphone-like exhausts, responsible for an unforgettable and terrifying roar. Distinguishing features that could not remain an exclusive heritage of the fortunate witnesses of that unforgettable era, needed to testify also in the future. In the 1980, the year MV activity ended at Cascina Costa (VA), the most noble brand in motorcycle history lived could count of the 75 World Titles (38 riders championships and 37 constructors championships) conquered by Sandford, Surtess, Hocking, Hailwood, Read, Ubbiali, Provini and obviously Agostini. However, by the 15th of September 1997 the legend of MV AGUSTA went on and was born a new phenomenon: the F4 Serie Oro. Coherent with its past the new MV AGUSTA, produced in the Schiranna (VA) factory, appeared as a sculpture modeled around an extraordinary inline four cylinder, precious in shape and equally as esoteric as its predecessor. The new creation appeared immediately like a synthesis of the sports motorcycle. A concept that after five years no competitor has yet been able to surpass. {tab=2010 Model Year}

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