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KTM Motorcycles

KTM MotorcyclesThe goal of the KTM group is the market leadership in the racing oriented off-road segment and the expansion into the sportive on-road segment. The premium brand in the offroad sportmotorcycle market and the entry in the sportive onroad segment made KTM Europe’s second largest sport motorcycle producer

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2011 Motorcycle Model Year 2010 Motorcycle Model Year 2009 Motorcycle Model Year 2008 Motorcycle Model Year 2007 Motorcycle Model Year 2006 Motorcycle Model Year 2005 Motorcycle Model Year 2004 Motorcycle Model Year {tab=History} KTM Power Sports AG (former CROSS Holding AG) has been listed on the semi-official market on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 12th December 2003, and was traded in the prime market segment from December 15, 2004 till September 21, 2009. KTM Power Sports owns 100% of the operational core companies KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG and KTM-Sportcar GmbH. KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG, builds in Mattighofen/Austria race-ready motorcycles for competitive as well as recreational riding. KTM-Sportcar GmbH builds the light-weight sports car X-Bow, KTM´s first step into the automotive field. The KTM brand has a deeply rooted motor sport tradition. More than 160 world championship titles, eight victories in the Dakar Rally and countless national championships are proof of the company’s great technical expertise. “Ready to Race” – in accordance with the company philosophy, the insights gained from our motor sport experience are passed directly into series production and so become available to our customers as well. The premium brand in the offroad sportmotorcycle market and the entry in the sportive onroad segment made KTM Europe’s second largest sport motorcycle producer. {tab=2010 Model Year}

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