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Ducati Motorcycles

Ducati MotorcyclesDucati motorcycles seem to have some of the most passionate motorcycle riders and enthusiast. Just looking at a Ducati motorcycle and the first thing you will notice are the soft curves and flowing lines. Some say that the design is the heart of the Ducati others say it’s the race proven performance; however one thing is clear a Ducati motorcycle always gets noticed.

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2011 Motorcycle Model Year 2010 Motorcycle Model Year 2009 Motorcycle Model Year 2008 Motorcycle Model Year 2007 Motorcycle Model Year 2006 Motorcycle Model Year 2005 Motorcycle Model Year 2004 Motorcycle Model Year {tab=History} Ducati Motorcycles seems to have some of the most passionate motorcycle riders and enthusiast. Just looking at a Ducati motorcycle and the first thing you will notice are the soft curves and flowing lines. Some say that the design is the heart of the Ducati others say it’s the race proven performance; however one thing is clear a Ducati motorcycle always gets noticed. However, Ducati wasn’t always known for their motorcycles; Ducati, started out manufacturing electronic components. The company thrived and grew until the second World War. After the war the Ducati brothers introduced the Cucciolo an auxiliary engine that could be retrofitted to the frame of a bicycle. The year 1952 marked a cornerstone in Ducati history. It was the year it introduced its 65TS model at the Milan Show, together with the first 4 stroke scooter, the Cruiser. Ducati motorcycles got a racing edge over the competition by adopting positive valve control, also known as Desmodromics; this allowed its engines to reach higher rpms (far superior to what the competition could produce). The company had its ups and downs in racing but the 125 Desmo was probably the first bike that started Ducati’s world-wide recognition. The next successful racing model was the first 250cc model Ducati designed, winning almost all of its races and becoming a production model in 1961. The model sold in the U.S., the Diana Mark 3 Super Sport went on to become the fastest 250cc production motorcycle in the world. In 1974 Ducati motorcycles launched one of the most legendary Ducati nameplates; the Super Sport 750. It was immediately praised by critics not only for its immense power, but also for its superb handling and docile road manners. By 1977 customers demanded higher capacity, higher horsepower sports motorcycles, and the Super Sport 900 was introduced. A legend for good reason, the 900SS was the pinnacle of sports bikes in 1977. Just when Ducati enthusiasts were getting used to consistent factory support and distribution, Ducati motorcycles made known its financial troubles. In 1984, control of Ducati was transferred to the Cagiva group, and luckily for enthusiasts Cagiva was interested in motorcycle production. Ducati would dedicate a large portion of its production to making engines that would power Cagiva motorcycles, and Ducati would continue its racing ventures. With the help of Cagiva, a new research facility was founded in Rimini. The first ever “modern” Ducati to be born as a result of research in Rimini was the famous Paso. The motorcycle to start winning races again for Ducati, and to mark the company’s exit from under the shadow of hard times, was the 851, built in 1985. This successful motorcycle later evolved into the 888 and then the 916 which established Ducati motorcycles as a World Superbike superpower. Ducati Motorcycles are also well know for the growth of the “naked” segment at the end of the 1990s (Naked motorcycles are built with minimal or no fairings). In 2006, the Ducati GT1000 was released to the US public, this motorcycle was designed to connect with all of the enthusiasts that love the Ducati GT bikes of the 1970’s. Getting into the World Motorcycle Championship was the last jewel on the Ducati crown. Despite the strong opposition and initial hardships Ducati motorcycles are now regularly scoring race victories to this very day. As the bikes continue to be produced at the Borgo Paigale plant, the craftsmanship and exceptional company pedigree make sure no one has to look twice at a Ducati motorcycle to know what they’re feasting their eyes on. {tab=News and Reviews}

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