Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Big Bear Choppers Motorcycles

Big Bear ChoppersIf you’re admiring a Big Bear Chopper in the showroom, notice the perfect fit of the sheetmetal, the components accurately assembled with care and the creative, hand painted artwork.


Big Bear Choppers is a Revolution in American Motorcycles. That’s a bold statement, but we’re a bold company with our philosophy of what an American made motorcycle should be. To the design, engineering, manufacturing, availability without market saturation, with cost integrity and the overall brand image of Big Bear Choppers, today we are rethinking, revising and reinventing what American motorcycles are, so that today you may have the best motorcycle possible and tomorrow our brand of motorcycles will be passed on through our generations as legacy.

Steadfast since 1998, we are a California motorcycle company dedicated to the design, engineering and crafting of America’s most respected motorcycles.

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