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Boulder theater serves up a fresh Cinderella with a side of drag

Font ResizeColorado Breaking News, Sports, Weather, Traffic, JobsTheater review: Boulder theater serves up a fresh Cinderella with a side of drag STAR RATING (out of 4) MusicalBy Lisa KennedyDenver Post Theater CriticCinderella (Jenna Bainbridge) outshines her stepsisters even without red bottom pumps the gown. (Glenn Ross, Provided by Boulder’s Dinner Theatre)During a summer of rebooted fairy princesses storming the multiplexes, it’s strange to find how well a theatrical Cinderella holds up compared to Snow White and “Brave’s” Merida.After all, her story would seem to be the source of shoe obsessions that go red bottom heels way beyond Christian Louboutin all the way to rescue fantasies.Yet, Boulder’s Dinner Theatre’s production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” through Sept. 1 offers a few subtly liberating lessons for little girls (and their parents) if only they look past the gown and red bottom shoes the slipper. The show runs through Sept. 1.As with many an authentic romance, it’s important to pay heed to those replica louboutin first minutes between Prince Christopher (Matthew Daily) and Cinderella, who bump into each other on the town square. Long before their true identities are revealed, well, their truest identities collide sweetly.Jenna Bainbridge portrays the famously exploited daughter of a lousy stepmother and the belittled sister of Joy and Grace. Shelly Cox Robie takes fine delight in being the bad stepmom. Cinderella’s stepsiblings are neither joyful nor graceful nor, in this mildly cheeky production, women.Matthew D. Peters and Bob Hoppe play the homely ladies with a verve that steals very nearly scene they’re in. They laugh too loud. They bicker incessantly. They roll their eyes and prance like rejects from “Rupaul’s Drag Race.”You, of course, know the deets christian louboutin replica of the tale: With things not going as red bottom boots decisively as they’d like, Queen Constantina and, to some degree, King Maximillian insist on inviting all eligible red bottoms young ladies to a ball for their son. Cinderella’s kin put the kabosh on her inclusion.Enter the Fairy Godmother. Director Alicia Dunfee typically occupies the role. The afternoon we attended, she was played by Heather Doris, who was a pleasure as soon as she arrived on a crescent moon and belted out “Impossible.”Bainbridge, who walks replica christian louboutin with a limp due to a spinal cord injury as a baby, played Belle louboutin replica in PHAMALy’s 2010 production of Beauty and the Beast. (She was also a .) Her gait may add texture to the character’s vulnerability and outsider status. Yet, the determined way in which she walks also suggests a reason Cinderella is so grounded a soul.The fresh faced brunette’s voice doesn’t overpower her songs (“In My Own Little Corner” is especially lilting) nor should it. Her Cinderella isn’t defeated so much as she is a cautious manager of her own expectations.Initially, the stepsister drag show seemed too easy. (Why are men in frocks so endlessly funny?) But in casting two guys as the archetypal sisters, director Dunfee and artistic director Michael Duran also underscore just how fabricated those roles of evil steps have been from the get go.Wayne Kennedy and Tracy Warren do kindly work portraying the King and Queen as parents more than monarchs. Their pushing Christopher toward finding a mate isn’t based on a strategic angle. They simply believe he should find the happiness they have, a notion voiced in the duet “Boys and Girls Like You and Me.”"Cinderella” offers a number of simple pleasures. There’s something touching about Prince Christopher twirling his mother around the ballroom floor. Seth Caikowski gets to fawn and wink and be smarter than anyone else in the room as Lionel, Christopher’s manservant.”CINDERELLA” A Boulder’s Dinner Theatre production. Directed by Alicia Dunfee. Written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. Adapted for the stage by Tom Briggs. From the teleplay by Robert L. Freedman. Featuring Jenna Bainbridge, Shelly Cox Robie, Matthew D. Peters, Bob Hoppe and Seth Caikowski Through Sept. 1 at Boulder’s Dinner Theatre, 5501 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder. Following times are for dinner: Mon. Wed. Thurs. Sat. and Sun.Articles Connexes´╝Ü

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